Lesson #1

Meditation on Freedom

Sometimes we think that withholding information and doing something on our own terms creates freedom.

We might think withholding protects us. We might think it creates our own dedicated territory where we can exist the way we think we should.

Nowadays we withhold in such obvious ways: We don’t like, comment or respond, don’t call, don’t get together; we extend no invitation or opinion, give neither praise nor critique. We offer no engagement. And while that may be the consequence of the overuse of our digital selves, it goes even further than  the self-consumed lack of etiquette. We think we are doing something good for ourselves.

We think we are creating Freedom. But we are not. What we are doing is just further isolating ourselves. It is the one who creates his own prism that creates his own prison. What creates true freedom is the movement outward, the expansion: expansion into the space that involves sharing, not withholding. 

Share your terms; negotiate them. Chart the territory previously unknown to you. I am so inspired to listen, both to the honks of my busy street and all the confusions that I daily serve myself. And then I just step forward and do whatever the moment calls for. Sometimes I just go for a walk.